Let Them Eat Ribs!

Wow, I am sorry I missed the opening party for Performa 09 last Friday. A ton of ribs, a ton of honey, a ton of ice, a ton of glasses, a ton of bottles, a ton of peanuts. A ton of ironically gluttonous fun! And by doing it buffet, they save a ton on waitstaff!

Go to 16 Miles of String for the photos, and Claudia La Rocco at Artforum for the writeup.

Now that the Rubells are expanding their practice from collectors, hosts and sponsors to performance artists, the slightest hints of critical engagement with their role, influence, and context might be starting to appear:

“The only thing missing is a giant vat of Purell.”

“‘Mera’s really having her moment,’ one woman commented wryly.”

Baby steps, people!
Lick and Lather, 1993:
Gnaw, 1992:
Mortar and Pestle, 1999:
whoa, how’s that last image? Big enough for you?