‘Just Traces In The Snow In Winter’

Dealer Leo Castelli in a December 1969 interview with Paul Cummings, discussing the early work of John Chamberlain:

Then before that, he had done those foam rubber sculptures, which were really very, very good. At that time, people were more squeamish about the durability of materials. Had he produced them now, they would have been an immense success. At that time, people just were very hesitant and very doubtful about getting things that they think or feared would disintegrate very rapidly. They turned out very well. Some people wouldn’t mind so much any more whether it would endure or disintegrate, because one has gotten used to works of art as just traces in the snow in winter.

Archives of American Art | Oral history interview with Leo Castelli, 1969 May 14-1973 June 8 [aaa.si.edu]
image: Lo-An, 1966, moca.org
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