Prints: I Did An Edition With 20× It Comes Out Tomorrow.

20x200_logo.jpgLook, no one is more surprised than I am about this. But when Jen Bekman and I started talking about it a while back, it started sounding like the awesomest thing in the world.
So I’ve done an edition with 20× It looks fantastic. And it will be released tomorrow.
You can get the first look at it–and the first chance to buy one–by joining the 20×200 mailing list.
Actually, it looks even better in various sizes, so I recommend buying several.
After it’s released, I’ll post a bit about the piece and the ideas and work that went into it.
Meanwhile, a huge shoutout to Jen, Eric, Sara, John and the other folks at 20×, who have been great to work with. Thanks, and stay tuned!
20× [20×]