Don’t Hang Up, Just Talk About It!

The Ed-werd Rew-Shay Memorial Art World Pronunciation Guide keeps on growing!
the latest additions include:
Richard Anuszkiewicz
Huma Bhabha
Thomas Houseago
And some great mispronunciations that needed addressing:
Also, I just know the Aperture Foundation’s video editors are totally taunting me by leaving the introduction off their 4-part interview between Okwui Enwezor and Zwelethu Mthethwa. [OAK-wee en-WAY-zore and Zweh-LAY-too m’TATE-wah, I know, but it’s such a tantalizing two-fer.]
Have any suggestions, stumpers, or maybe some great mispronunciations you’ve heard? Send them in!
If you see something, say something!