Thomas Houseago Speaking At The New School

It’s taking me a while to warm to Tom Houseago’s sculptures, but that’s fine. It took me a very long time to come around to Rachel Harrison’s work, and boy, is it worth it, so I’m happy to give it time.
Meanwhile, this long, impassioned, fascinating, and quite awesome speech he gave at The New School in May as part of his Public Art Fund group exhibition, “Statuesque” [which is up right now, and which just got a too-condescending review in the Times, and which Andrew Russeth just posted a nice commentary about] is worth every one of its ninety-plus minutes.
Talking about him leaving his studio in Belgium? His heartfelt shoutout to the Rubells who, really, wow. Give them grief if you want, but they are some of the most dedicated, hardcore lookers and supporters of artists around, and they continue to be. Also, Leeds football hooligans and Star Wars and late Picasso and bongs for babies? Houseago makes a crazy/infectiously compelling case for his work, and for art itself.
Great stuff that should be seen by more than the 338 YouTube viewers and the 250 people in the New School auditorium who’ve seen it so far.