New Original Sunshine Clubhouse

In order to prove how much less torture&abusey the new Parwan detention center is from the Bagram prison it’s replacing, US military officials let AP photographer David Guttenfelder take a picture of the new Original Sunshine Clubhouse playground at the visitors building. Like the one installed at the White House for the Obama girls, it’s made with pride in the USA by Rainbow Play Systems. I hope that’s eco-friendly recycled rubber mulch under there, too.
Meanwhile, unless this it’s some sort of retro iPhone app–which Guttenfelder has been known to use for faux-historicizing effect–it looks like the military’s photo review process involves rephotographing approved images as they are projected on a bedsheet.
Parwan prison playground by AP Photo/David Guttenfelder [ via @demilit]
Original Sunshine Clubhouse Package II [rainbowplay]