People Sitting In Front Of Me

While I’m obviously no David Hockney, after a year or so, I see a Brushes trend emerging: people sitting in front of me.
On the most recent one, I decided to pare it down.
From the width of the seat, you can see I’m able to fly coach.
Now that everyone’s a courtroom sketch artist, I wonder on the state of iPad-based reporting. Is anyone not named Steve Mumford sketch-reporting from a war zone? Is anyone not named Ruben Toledo doing front-row sketches from the fashion shows? [If so, would they acknowledge they’re not actually in the front row by including the heads of the people sitting in front of them?]
Or are both of those scenes too fast? Does Brushes require an element of boredom, or at least waiting, downtime, to make it work as a live medium? Or maybe you draw the audience while Marc Jacobs makes everybody wait for Rihanna or whoever to arrive?