Animal, Vegetable or Minimalism?

Have we considered Damien Hirst’s vitrine sculptures from the Wunderkammer perspective? Because the giant grab-bag auction at Pierre Berge & Associes in Brussels is stuffed [heh] with disturbing taxidermy, eerie medical/scientific specimens, and elaborate butterfly displays. Yes, that is a butterfly skull under glass. If you’re playing any Hirstian drinking games, you are now passed out on the floor.
Or have we considered Olafur Eliasson’s art to be inhabiting a similar historical aesthetic trajectory?
Because seriously, put something in a bell jar, or on a tiny little display stand, and it gets immediately objectified and pretty damn near artified.
If not, then hop to it, Art History. Because right now, I’m too busy planning my show of found conceptualism and ur-Post-Minimalism:
Lot 451: a suite of 9 framed marble samples [est. EUR1300-1500]
Lot 562: a cube-shaped Oryx-skin pouf [est. EUR 300-450]
I guess it’s really a pair: Lot 563: a cube-shaped boar-hide pouf [est. 300-450]
Lot 561: a large monochrome grid made of white wolf skin [est. EUR3000-5000]
I guess it’s really a diptych: Lot 823: a large monochrome grid made of pink flamingo feathers [est. EUR 1500-2000]
And a couple for the back room:
This could be bigger: Lot 504: a sphere [23cm dia.] of polished thuya root burl [est. EUR 150-200]
And this could be a bit less Madison Avenue, but still: Lot 576: a plaque of caravan salt from Mali [est. EUR 1200-1500] [ref. flickr]