Google Evert View

In her post about how her Mario Kart reflexes started cropping up while she was driving a real car, Sally Adee introduced me to a new term, “everting,” which William Gibson introduced in his 2007 novel, Spook Country, and which she explains as “entering the next phase of its evolution by creeping out of the virtual boundaries that once defined it and into what we consider ‘real life.'”
Which I mention here because it turns out to kind of relate to the piece I’m putting in this show in a couple of weeks–right? that’s what I thought, too–a site-specific work about Google Street View.
Brian Dupont has put together “While You Wait…” at Extra Gallery, in Chelsea.
The show opens on October 6th, and I’ll post more about it after it’s done. I, for one, am interested to see how it turns out.
Consensual Hallucination [lastwordonnothing via theawl]
“While You Wait…” at Extra Gallery, October 6 – November 1, 2011 [extragallerynyc]