Wade’s Welt, Excellent

I stopped by a friend’s studio yesterday–which was fantastic, btw–and as I was leaving, and I noticed the cool, old Ellsworth Kelly exhibition poster in the bathroom, I so I was all, have you seen the Kelly edition of Die Welt, and he’s all, it’s fantastic, I just got it as a gift! and I’m all, right here right now? and he’s all, yeah, I just brought it in, do you want to see it? and I’m like, well, yeah, and he’s all, well, everyone should see it, Ellsworth’s so lucky, and then the adult in the room was all, you should have some white gloves, and then we had to figure out who was actually the best at turning the pages, and anyway, long story short, it’s completely incredible, and it would never happen in the US, but we all pretty much agreed that USA Today should do it. Can you even imagine it?