Berghain Sticker Fun #Monochromes

Photography is prohibited inside the giant Berlin dance club Berghain. Security puts a sticker over your phonecam lens, and anyone caught sneaking pictures is booted and blacklisted. So Berghain Sticker Fun is a tumblr of purported photos of those stickers. They’re just monochromes, with captions of whatever the camera was supposedly pointing at.
It’s all very cute, and a fun way to infer content and transgressiveness onto a monochrome. I’ve tried to replicate the effect, but either my phone’s not awesome enough to shoot through an opaque sticker, or Berghain has some kind of amazing sticker technology that those of us on the outside will never know. Oh well!
Berghain Sticker Fun [tumblr via vice, thx @MichelleLHOOQ]