A Woman Artist’s Place Is In The Home Depot

backwards and in high heels: A Guerrilla Girls poster adding some critique to the product shot for this glass-front sideboard at Home Depot. via @jamieisenstein

Artist Jamie Eisenstein posted this image from Home Depot on her instagram a minute ago. She doesn’t say how she found it, but she did mention that she burned a few more hours looking –without success– for more.

guerrilla girls poster titled, the advantages of being a woman artist, from 1988, via guerrilla girls dot com
The Advantages of Being A Woman Artist, 1988, 17 x 22 in. poster version, available at guerrillagirls.com

Why this 1988 Guerrilla Girls poster turned up in a product shot is a mystery. All it’d take, though, is one woman artist doing styling or shooting non-garage furniture for a hardware megastore as one or two of her 4 free-lance jobs.

Another GG image, not flipped for layout optimization this time, via homedepot.com

The original version, with the logo left on, is available from the Guerrilla Girls themselves for just $30. The sideboard offering dust-free storage is $400. This poster of a line drawing of a deer remains unidentified.

Oh, Deer?

You’d think I’d expect this sort of thing now, but a reverse image search for the deer image took a wild turn. The Google results come back with the suggested text, “schwarz weiß bilder malen” [“paint white & black pictures”] and multiple thumbnails of furniture product shots that seem to include the deer, but clicking through invariably leads to a different assortment of images altogether. Oh wait, here’s one on Amazon, in a glamour shot for some apothecary bottles:

some random bottles for sale on amazon, with the same deer drawing sort of dropped into the background

And then it shows up on a clothes rack from the German furniture company Woltu, whose product number doesn’t work on Amazon US.

WOLTU and the clothes rack of Dr. Caligari, srsly, what is going on with that wall? image via Amazon.de

Here is the deer on alibaba, making the Jiangsu Deper Door Control Technology Company, Ltd’s online showroom a home.

deer really gets around. Image: Jiangsu Deper Door Control Technology Co., Ltd.

The deer also turned up over a daybed by a company called Latitude Run at Wayfair. Latitude Run turns out to be a Wayfair sock puppet brand, that all about “clean lines, urban attitude, and popping colors” from the loft to the living room. And it is the original source of the brand-free Home Depot sideboard. All these images seem digitally constructed-except, oddly, the Guerrilla Girls ones, which, even though they’re digitally altered, still feel uncannily physical.

upending feminism one sideboard at a time: Guerrilla Girls poster, minus the Guerrilla Girls logo, at wayfair.com

The Decorative Accents category at Latitude Run has more than 25,000 items. I stopped a few pages in when I hit a Banksy with gallery wrap. It all makes me think our woman artist has more than 4 free-lance jobs.