Throwback: Jayson Musson Vine Sculpture, 2013

Jayson Musson Vine screencap, May 9, 2013

In 2013 artist Jayson Musson created a sculpture live on Vine & Twitter, and offered it for sale. Though I was in DC at the time, I saw it, bought it, and rallied some friends on the ground to pick it up before it got scooped or tossed. That saga was capped in a blog post. And now, on the moment of decoupling this site from the site of the sculpture’s creation, I have finally installed it. It’s a little dusty, but it holds up.

Jayson Musson, Punk is dead. Art was never alive. If I said I never stressed about money that’d be a lie., 2013, found materials. [also a Maki Tamura scroll drawing, pour one out for A/C Projects]