Betty Parsons Rock 👀

Betty Parsons, Untitled, 1976?, painted rock, 3×6 in., image via Doyle New York

Sometimes it’s just impossible not to love a Betty Parsons sculpture. Just look at this little thing. The date on the back’s hard to read, but what if Parsons was 76 when she painted these eyes [?] on this rock. This is definitely one of those situations where I blog about it so I don’t buy it. But ngl, I do want it.

update: Parsons in a double exposure in her studio on the invitation for a 1975 exhibition at Studio Gallery in DC is not quite how I imagined her painting this little rock owl or whatever, but it’s probably closer to how it went down.

image via gallery98, also in the aaa betty parsons papers, but nfs, obv

Also a good time to remember that in his architect phase, Tony Smith designed Parsons’ studio and guest house on the North Fork.

Lot 332, Dec. 8, 2022: Betty Parsons, Untitled, est. $300-500 [doyle, update: sold nicely for $1,512]
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