Jayson Musson, Ollie Doll from Fabric Workshop

Jayson Musson, Ollie Doll, 2022, plush doll, 30″ tall trapped in a box, ed. 90 from the Fabric Workshop & Museum

Jayson Musson’s show, His History of Art, continues at the Fabric Workshop & Museum until the end of the year. It’s not clear, though, whether this 30″ plush version of his pothead rabbit sidekick Ollie, from his kids sitcom-looking, three-channel video installation will last that long.

There are only 90 in the edition, and they’re the wackest art world plush toy since Mike Kelley’s emotionally needy Little Friend, which dropped in an edition of 850 in 2007. Collect’em all!

Mike Kelley collaborator Ahrum Hong posing with Little Friend back in 2007

Jayson Musson: Ollie, Certified Emotionally Fulfilling! $300 [fwm]