Takashi Murakami MOCA Gala Swag

Lot 313: Takashi Murakami, MOCA Flowerball Chargers, 2007, via LA Modern

Takashi Murakami designed the printed plastic chargers that decorated each place setting at MOCA’s 2007 Gala. During the dancing, with Tom Ford egging her on, Naomi Campbell started collecting chargers from unattended seats. When people realized what she was up to, it triggered a hoarding frenzy. If you ever see a full set, though, you can guess who the seller is.

This pair chargers must have hailed from a calmer section of the party. A corner where a savvy galagoer had the foresight to bring a Sharpie and invite the guest of honor to sign the their chargers on the verso. He even took several seconds to add doodlese of his little characters. Was there perhaps a line, a scrum, of eager autograph seekers? Did MOCA’s wealthiest patrons stand around in a circle with their little plastic plates, or did they bring them to the gala’s head table where Murakami and Nigo were holding court?

As is the nature of Gala Art, to know how it went down, you had to be there. And now if you buy these plates, you can pretend you were.

Aug 1, Lot 313: Takashi Murakami, MOCA Flowerball Chargers, 2007, est. $700-900 [update: sold for $2,106, collect’em all!] [lamodern]
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