Isa Genzken Has Bad Luck With Judges

The nurse who got a 2011 World Receiver as a present from Isa Genzken can keep it, said a judge in Bonn this week. Except of course, he can’t because he sold it last spring to an antiques circus clown on German TV. The decision was first reported by Rundschau Online. [shoutout hero Michael Seiwert for the tip.]

When the deal became public in September, Genzken’s legal advisers claimed they should have approved the gift, as custodians of her resources while she was undergoing mental health care. The judge said no, it’s been more than ten years, and the nurse accepted the gift in good faith. Genzken opted to drop her claim rather than appeal.

So I guess the TV collector who paid the nurse a piddly EUR16,000 for a EUR50,000 sculpture is free to flip it again at Sotheby’s.

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