Joshua Smith, Untitled (Forbidden Colors), 2024

joshua smith 1983 just posted this image to his instagram of four elongated parallelogram shaped monochrome paintings leaning to the right, in the colors green, red, black, and white, hung on a white wall with a similarly proportioned parallelogram of sunlight hitting the hardwood floor below. a work titled Untitled (Forbidden Colors), 2024, after a related work from 1988 by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, which is in the collection of MOCA LA.
Joshua Smith, Untitled (Forbidden Colors), 2024, via IG/@joshuasmith1983

Untitled (Forbidden Colors) has been realized again, this time as a work by Joshua Smith. The parallelogram of Los Angeles sunlight coming in might be my favorite thing about this photo, after the work itself. It would be great if it draws out the Felix Gonzalez-Torres original from MOCA’s storerooms, and even better if there can be a stop to the killings in Gaza.