Bumped Richter Unique Now

“Upper right corner bumped”: Gerhard Richter, Spiegel, 1986, 21 [or 20.5] x 29.8 cm, ed. 89/100 [or unique] Lot 97 at Lempertz

Sometimes after all the relentless perfection what you really want is a Gerhard Richter Spiegel that has really seen some stuff. You just know this one has never spent a minute of its life in a box in a freeport, and shouldn’t that be a premium instead of an 80% discount?

Lot 97 ending online 7 Jun 2024: Gerhard Richter, Spiegel, 1986, est. €2,000 – €2,500 [update: sold for €2,900] [lempertz]