Donald Baechler’s Blinky Palermo

Lot 44, Blinky Palermo, Untitled, n.d., graphite on paper, 8 1/2 x 11 in., sold from the collection of Donald Baechler at Stair in Feb. 2024 for $4,750

The February 2024 installment of Donald Baechler’s collection sale really feels sorted by style, like it was Baechler’s collection of works that looked like his.

What caught my eye, though, is this little unsigned, undated sketch which we nevertheless somehow know is by Blinky Palermo.

Maybe it was a diagram for Baechler to make his own Palermos? Maybe it’s a diagram for anyone to make their own Palermos?

Hellrot/Hellblau, Hellgrun/Orange, Dunkelgrun/Ocker [?/?], Dunkelrotviolett/Schwarz [s/o Claudio for taking a run at the third one]

Light red/Light blue, Light green/Orange, Dark green/Ochre [?/?], Dark red-violett/Black

Has anyone seen these combos realized?