Krion™ Fall Green

Rachel Harrison, Untabled (Title) 1694, 2017
Wood, polystyrene, cement, acrylic, Krion, gymnastics rings, straps, toy gun, and bandana, installed at Greene Naftali in 2017, now in the collection of MoMA

Come to the catalogue for Sitting in a Room, Rachel Harrison’s 2022-23 exhibition at the Astrup Fearnly Museet in Oslo, for the extensive documentation of all the installations of Marilyn with Wall.

Stay for the Lars Bang Larsen text mentioning Sturtevant in Harrison’s repetition and incorporation of other artist’s work, like the sculpture Robert Morris showed at the Green Gallery in 1964, which Harrison had made in sleek Krion™ Fall Green, as seen here at the Greene Naftali installation. [Krion™ is Porcelanosa’s next-generation competitor to Corian™. The chicken-with-a-durag-and-a-gun form is Harrison’s more familiar house blend of cement over polystyrene.]

screenshot of a footnote reading, 28. Louise Lawler's photos of labels next to some artworks have made us realize how absurd and intrusive they are. Are, for instance, audio labels-like the computer-generated voice reading "live" some titles from Harrison's Life Hack show at the Whitney on an option at all?

And buy a print copy right now for the unexpected shoutout in the footnotes of Anne Dressen’s text, where Louise Lawler and I make the case for figuring out audio wall labels? [d’oh but not in the Norwegian.]

I am now making a sticker to attach next to this footnote, in a signed edition of 2000, one for each copy of the print catalogue. Buyers or owners of the Sitting in a Room catalogue should email me a pic of your book and your mailing address, and I’ll send you two stickers. One will be for your copy, and one for installing on another copy of the catalogue that might someday cross your path.

Maybe I should do this for the Jasper Johns Catalogue Raisonné, too.

Buy Rachel Harrison Sitting in a Room (2023) from Greene Naftali Gallery, the Astrup Fearnley Shop in Oslo, or Amazon