I Will Not Pick Up Items From The Trash, or The Story of a New Year's Resolution Kept

unknown found writing, NYC 9/10/02
On the way to an early morning swim, I saw this piece of cardboard propped between the mailbox and the garbage can. After the time-honored New York tradition of taking stuff from the trash home flashed through my mind, I opted to go home and get my camera instead. I found it rather beautiful, in the vein of Islamic calligraphy or the early 90's paintings of Brice Marden. Of course, I have no idea what is says:
  • "I went to Burning Man and all I got was this scrap of cardboard inscribed in a made-up language."
  • "Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps - Forest Hills Conclave Minutes, Stardate 90502. Item One: Dispatch envoy to Komputer Repair Guild to get font package working in MSWord."
  • "When you reach the river Hudson, turn the cropduster to the left. Keep your mind clear of any rational thought. Follow the river to the city of the Great Satan. The blasphemous skyscrapers will come into view, but wait to disburse the gas until you are over the island itself."

    Unsurprisingly, it was gone by the time I got home. (Yikes. It didn't take much longer for a kind reader to email and point out that it is definitely not Klingon, as anyone familiar with Lawrence M. Schoen's Comments on [Klingon] Orthography will immediately recognize. Also, the font is available at the Merchant's page of The Klingon Language Institute. Thanks for reining in my reckless speculation. But why don't comments on film or art posts come that quickly?)

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