June 4th: June 5th, 5th Man

Incredible updates to the Tank Man photographs story from yesterday’s NY Times Lens blog.
After twenty years of just telling friends about it, Terril Jones, a former AP reporter who had been covering the Tienanmen Square demonstrations for several weeks, came forward in the Times with his own photograph of Tank Man.
Jones was shooting on the ground in front of the Beijing Hotel, and his photo captures the chaos of people running and ducking for cover–while Tank Man waits calmly in the middle of the street, prepared to confront the oncoming column of tanks alone.
Meanwhile, in the comments, Robert Dannin, a former director at Magnum Photos who says he’s the one who sent Stuart Franklin to Beijing, reveals that Franklin’s original slide, which was provided to Time [he’d been put on assignment to the magazine], disappeared before it could be returned. Time hastily settled with Franklin and Magnum, which had made good duplicates, but the original, 1st generation slide has apparently never surfaced.
Behind the Scenes: A New Angle on History [lens blog]