More Small Metal Objects

aluminaire_kara-c.jpg reader Kara C. just sent along this new photo of A. Lawrence Rocher & Albert Frey’s Aluminaire House, a fantastic early prefab design–and Frey’s first building in the US–which is currently parked on the Islip, LI campus of the NY Institute of Technology.
When it was first exhibited in NYC in 1931, the speed with which it was built [10 days] led people to call it the “Zipper House.” But NYIT architect Michael Schwarting, who was instrumental in saving the house from demolition in the late 1980s said, “It was made more like a refrigerator than a house.”
And as that M-Class clearly demonstrates, the Aluminaire House is barely the size of a Sub-Zero in a Five Towns McMansion.
Kocher & Frey’s Aluminaire House: a making of primer
another contemporary view from early August