Above The Weather

Clearly, I miss some good things that are posted to the Walker Art Center’s blogs in between my visits. Such as Peter Eleey’s discussion last April on the opening of “The Quick And The Dead,” the Walker’s exhibition of conceptual art and the limits of our knowledge and experience.” Whoa, no small plans, then.
From the page above, it’s not clear that Jason Dodge’s Above The Weather is actually included in the show, but it sounds rather nice. He commissioned an Algerian weaver, Djidjiga Meffrer, to make a tapestry from a length of thread that can reach “to where the weather ends-essentially the border with outer space,” Eleey said. “Though it leads your mind to the outer reaches of the atmosphere, the cloth turns out to be much smaller than you might think.”
According to the Kadist Collection in which this piece [example?] resides, the color is the color of a night in 2007. Which is either interesting or a typo; the piece itself is dated 2005.
The Quick and The Dead runs through Sept. 24 [walkerart.org via briansholis.com]