#Class-y! Collector Panel Saturday 2/27, 6-7pm

Hey Snow People,
I’ll be participating in a “non-hierarchical panel discussion” about collecting art tomorrow, Saturday, 2/27 at #class, that’s hashtagclass, Bill Powhida and Jen Dalton’s show/performance/talk-in at Edward Winkleman Gallery.
The gig is organized by Barry Hoggard and James Wagner, there’s an interesting-looking roster, and it kicks off at 6pm. I’d love to see a bunch of greg.org readers in the crowd, though if you can’t make it, you can always watch the proceedings on the hashtagclass blog’s livestream.
Collecting with your Eye, not your Ear [hashtagclass.blogspot.com]
UPDATE/REPORT Well, that was fun. “non-hierarchical” turned out to mean any/all of the following: sitting around a table in the center of the gallery, surrounded by the audience, which, incidentally, is also how a discussion/interview I did a few years ago at Witte de With was set up; all the images on Barry & James’s collection website are the same size and most everything cost under $1000; or no artists in the discussion have sold much work for more than mid-six figures, if at all. Non-hierarchical, but not by choice.
But it was all good. The one instant I was worried–which John Powers noted, too–was when the one artist pointed in my direction and said, “I would never sell a work to him!” At which point, I looked around–are you talking to me?–and realized he was actually pointing to the screen behind me, which contained a juicily obnoxious quote from Tobias Meyer about bidding and sex, or something. So I dodged that bullet.