OG: Ono Grapefruit

Cross a first edition of Yoko Ono’s 1964 “event score”/instruction-based art book Grapefruit off my Ones I’ve Let Get Away list. Turns out it’s not just me:

There are no copies of the first (limited) edition of Grapefruit currently being offered in the marketplace. ABPC reports no copies at auction within the last thirty-five years. OCLC/KVK report only four copies in institutional holdings worldwide: At MOMA, U.C. – San Diego, Northwestern University, and the Library of Congress. What this tells us that all remaining copies are being closely held by private collectors. The book is exceedingly scarce in the marketplace.

Yeah, but. I’d also suspect a fair number of them didn’t survive long enough to be closely held. And she printed it in Tokyo, so I suspect there are a few in Japan that don’t show up in “the marketplace.”
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