Please Go To Philoctetes Tonight And Tell Me How It Was

My buddy John Powers has been working on this insane project forlikeever: an artists commentary track–with pictures!–that runs alongside Star Wars IV. Tonight he’s presenting it at Philoctetes, and discussing it along with Colby Chamberlain and Luke duBois, who’s made a sick score.
I’ve seen pieces Star Wars and Modernism: an artists commentary emerge in pieces over the months, but tonight’s the first time a big section of it will be screened large, and in public. I’m very jealous of all those who can make it out there tonight:

Star Wars and Modernism, an artist commentary conceived and directed by artist John Powers, explores the original 1977 science fiction film as an object. Juxtaposing video with film stills and historical archives, Powers creates a compelling argument that the visual program of the blockbuster can and should be understood in terms of the art, architecture, and politics of Cold-War America. An essay by Powers published in Triple Canopy, with important editorial contributions by Colby Chamberlain, was the genesis of the project. Composer Luke DuBois created the film’s original score.

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