In The Medium Of Google

I know that what’s really needed around here is a redesign, and probably the addition of a few thousand tags. But right now that’s an 8th burner project, and I’ve only got a 4-burner stove.
But in the mean time, I’ve noticed–and perhaps you have too?–that many projects and ideas around here relate in some way to Google, and to the way Google shapes our perceptions and interactions with the art, architecture, information, people, and the world.
So I rolled it all up into one, big Google category. Besides my own projects, it ranges from this morning’s post on Michael Wolf’s photos; to the whole sculpture and roof facades on Google Maps thing; to my 2005 attempt to re-create Ed Ruscha’s Every Building on The Sunset Strip using the failed Street View predecessor, Amazon’s A9; and all the way back to my early 2002 experiments with Google AdWords poetry, and to my Jan.. 2002 request for permission to use the word “Google” as a verb in my first short film. Weird, interesting stuff.