Van Gogh, Haring, Razzle Dazzle: Car Camo Wraps

I love it when a tossed-off plan comes together. In this case, it’s the idea of artist-designed vinyl car wraps. And camo.
The Times had a great story about auto spyshots, and the increasing use of camouflage vinyl wraps on test cars. Some of the wraps seem designed to thwart a spy photographer’s focus, or at least to obscure the contours and details of the car.
The different patterns are discussed as resembling “a Keith Haring painting,” and “World War I ‘dazzle ships,'” or as sporting the swirly, painterly “Van Gogh Look.”
It should only be a matter of time before a collection of contemporary artist vinyl wraps hits the streets. Right?
Secret Cars Kept Under Wraps, in Public [nyt via slow and steady wins the race]
The Jeff Koons wrapped BMW
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First or worst? Peter Max decal car c. 1968
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