Blue Room And Love Seat, By Jason Rhoades

I love a lot of Jason Rhoades’ work, but only have a little. I wish I’d known about this sooner:
Blue Room and Love Seat is an edition produced with 1301PE’s Brian Butler in 1995, maybe when it was still only 1301.
Anyway, it’s a steel trunk with a cushion on top, for sitting, which contains an inflatable room made from blue tarps. Which sounds delightful, except that it’s inflated by a leafblower, so it’s noisy. And it’s actually inflated by the blower exhaust, so it also pumps noxious fumes into the blue room. Which sort of makes it a portable gas chamber. Which is now kind of depressing.
On the other hand, there must be at least one left in the edition, because the gallery inflated it last year for a show.
Blue Room and Love Seat, 1995, Jason Rhoades []
“Musée Los Angeles, Blue Room and Love Seat [1301pe blog]