‘Exhibition Space’ Installation Snaps

Installation view: panorama of 96 photographic plates from the National Geographic Socety-Palmar Observatory Sky Survey (1949-58); the other 1,700+ plates are in the cabinet.
First off, thanks to everyone at apexart for the really amazing work on the show. “Exhibition Space” looks great, and it’s installed beautifully. Thanks, too, to the folks who have stopped by to see it, whether at the opening or since, and those who have sent along kind comments. I know Massimiliano curates three shows 10x this size each day before breakfast, but it’s still a BFD for me, and after writing and thinking about the objects and photos in the show for so long online, it really is a completely different thing to see them in person.
detail of a photographic plate from NGS-POSS
I’ll get some more systematic documentation shots of the show and the pieces in it soon, but in the mean time, here are some pictures I snapped last week. If you circulate them, I really hope you’ll check back and update them when I get some slicker versions.

Installation view: NGS-POSS (1949-58) and Beacon Inflatable Satellite (1958/2013)
Money shot: Beacon Inflatable Satellite selfie
Installation view: “Exhibition Space”
Echo I Test Inflation, Weeksville, NC (1960 – 73)
Echo I in Orbit (1960-2)
Echo I in Orbit (1960, printed 2013), from a collection of negatives shot at a satellite gazing party, Aug. 1960