Proposte Monochrome, TGV Orange

The designer and colorist of the TGV, Jacques Cooper, passed away at the age of 93. An industrial and auto designer, Cooper created the distinctive wedge-shaped face of Alstom’s prototype high speed train for SNCF, the TGV-001, in 1972. Cooper picked the orange color. In 1977 a brighter orange, known as SNCF 435, was approved for the livery of the TGV Sud-Est.

TGV Orange col0r sample, Cité du Train, Mulhouse, photo: Aurélien Vret

While memorializing Cooper on Bluesky, artist Aurélien Vret posted a photo of Alstom’s TGV Orange sample, which was on view at SNCF’s rail history museum, Cité du Train, in Mulhouse.

The TGV Orange SCNF 435 livery was retired in the 1990s, but was brought back for a nationwide tour in 2020 for the 40th anniversary of the TGV. Otherwise it lives on in the model train painting community.

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