Map Of The Boat Under The Pen

“Wave drawing from north of Iceland”, 1998, ink on paper, 64 x 45 cm, via

Oh hey it’s one of those drawings Olafur Eliasson made on a boat with his dad.

photo of the pendulum drawing apparatus Olafur Eliasson and his father Elias Hjörleifsson created on his father’s boat, 1999, image via

The map is not of the wave on the sea, but of the boat on the wave.

11 June 2024, 921/441: Olafur Eliasson & Elias Hjörleifsson, “Wave drawing from north of Iceland” 40-50,000 DKK []
[update: the listing is gone, after the artist’s studio said it was a work of Hjörleifsson only. Such things are always complicated, I suppose, but perhaps more scholarly interest in Hjörleifsson’s oeuvre will clear things up.]
Previously, related: Mapping Olafur Mapping [in which, now that I mention it, this boat/pen project was described as Elias’s, not Eliasson’s.]