Thank You So Artist Much: Another Comment Spam Text, Annotated

OK, I really can’t do this every day, but this is the second time the text of a comment spam has caught my attention, and I have to chase down its sources. Maybe the algorithms are getting smarter:

Aaaand we’re done Thank you so artist much for joining my studio and then re-photographed these as a homage to James Van Der Zee [ and I had that camera everywhere. The screenshot below shows the progress so far. In terms of gender, pleasure and sexual politics well before the founding of the women’s art movement, he said.

I was first thinking the text sources were uncannily coherent in their arty grouping. But maybe it’s just what you’d expect for a comment spam for a Florida makeup artist left on a blog post about C-Section cakes. Anyway, see the list after the jump.

The top result with both “Aaaand we’re done” and “Thank you so much for joining” is this Q&A/book giveaway with Anna Frost, an LGBT YA author at Lydia Sharp’s fiction blog.
“so artist much” sounds like 3/4 of a doge comment.

Two separate phrases from the transcript of a 2010 artist talk by Lorna Simpson at the Walker Art Center
[12:42 and 9:35.]
This 2010 tutorial for making a clover in Digital Scrapbook Artist.
Art historian Richard Meyer quoted in the 2012 NYT obituary for pioneering erotic feminist artist Anita Steckel.