The World Has Changed: Cady Noland New Work

cover of the brochure for Cady Noland’s 2019 retrospective at Museum MMK in Frankfurt

The signs were all there, if only we were inclined to see them: The litigation and disclaimers. A work at the Walker dated 2008. A museum-filling retrospective in 2019. An exhibition with new work at Buchholz, supporting a sweeping, two-volume monograph in 2021. And now, a show of new work at Gagosian. Whatever you think the world was like when you went to bed, the truth is, we woke up in a world where Cady Noland makes and shows work. At Gagosian.

screenshot of the page for Cady Noland’s show, which includes an image of a sculpture, Untitled (2023), copyright Cady Noland, taken by Owen Conway

And that world starts, as new worlds have, on September 12th. The forms include crushed cans and weapons encased in acrylic and wire baskets of detritus. The hashtag for Facebook and Twitter [sic] is #CadyNoland. So yes, some things still do feel like the old world.

I’m personally fascinated with the way I focused on the little moving pads under the corners of the sculpture’s meeting points with the floor, which I read probably undue significance into, even after they ended up not being listed on the ingredients list. But everyone involved is a highly trained professional, and Noland sculptures have been made or broken over less, so I don’t feel like I’m being unreasonable

Cady Noland, 12 September — 21 October 2023 at Gagosian, Park & 75, NY
The Clip-On Method, 17 June — 11 September 2021 at Galerie Buchholz NY