In May, Steve Roden wrote very nicely about Fionn Meade’s “Time Again” show at Sculpture Center, especially the conversation between one of his paintings and a little-known photograph of Projecktion, a Blinky Palermo project from in 1971, in which a painting was projected onto the facade of a building. palermo’s “projektion” seems to shift certain … Continue reading “Projecktions”

Super Columbine Massacre NYT!

The constroversy over Peter Baxter’s decision to pull Super Columbine Massacre RPG! from Slamdance’s Guerilla Gamemakers Festival hit the New York Times this weekend, and Baxter has yet another explanation for his actions. This time, it’s not complaints by a sponsor, hypothetical complaints by a sponsor, or even his own personal distaste for the game. … Continue reading “Super Columbine Massacre NYT!”

How To Tell Cannes And Slamdance Apart

Ian at Water Cooler Games has been writing about an incident at Slamdance. Seems the founder of the alt-alt festival yanked Super Columbine Massacre, a charming -sounding RPG that tells the tale of some innocent, young, all-American scamps, from the Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition. At first, the line was extreme sponsor displeasure with having a … Continue reading “How To Tell Cannes And Slamdance Apart” the movie, Coming January 10th

Or maybe it’s the videoblog. It’s a veritable greg.orgy: everybody come! [uh…] On Monday, January 10th, I’m presenting a program of short films (including one of my own), video art, scenes from features, and other stuff, as part of The Reel Roundtable’s Film and Blogs series. But more than an elaborate excuse to show … Continue reading “ the movie, Coming January 10th”

Manohla Dargis: It’s Armenian for ‘driven crazy by jabbering’

So Tony Scott and Manohla Dargis, his new partner in film reviewing, handicap the fall movie season in today’s NYT. Now about the new kid: she praises David O. Russell and Alexander Payne in the same sentence, so she can’t be entirely, irredeemably, Joyce Wadler-style crazy, but the only possible explanation I can come up … Continue reading “Manohla Dargis: It’s Armenian for ‘driven crazy by jabbering’”